About Mocha

Hi, I'm Mocha!


I'm a 1 year old, Shiba Inu and the official mascot of Knead to Run Massage Therapy. Most people aren't familiar with my breed of dog so here's what you need to know.


I am a Japanese hunting dog most closely related to the African Basenji. Many people think I'm a miniature Akita because of my curly tail that I love to chase in circles for fun.

We were bred for Japanese royalty to hunt pheasants and other small game, which is why I hardly ever bark.

Yes, I know, I look just like a fox. We like to hunt them too.


Well, personally,  I like to hunt squirrels and blowing leaves. 


My humom (human mom) is Sara and I love to come to work with her.


Mostly I just lay in the doorway or sprawl out on the floor in front of the fan.


Typically Shibas are territorial and can be a bit antisocial--not me! I've been coming to the office since I was 8 weeks old and doggy daycare since I was 16 weeks so I'm very social.


I'm quite friendly and I love people, especially my humans Sara and Riley. I'm also curious about the cats, Boots, and Flour, but for some reason, they aren't as interested in me, go figure.


I'm pretty well behaved, but I haven't mastered not jumping on people when I'm excited. If I do that to you, just tell me CAKE.


Don't ask me why. Humom just says it every time I do something she doesn't want me to. 


I am told that I can be stubborn. Like when I'm done playing fetch mid game, I'll just stare at you as if I have no idea what you want. And come on command, forget about it! I usually make mom come to me. 


I love toys and I hate playing dress up. Humom tries to put sweaters and pajamas on me.


UGH, the humiliation!


Let's not talk about my Halloween costume. EVER. 


I also love treats--my favorite is cheese its. 


Now that you know a little bit about me, I hope to meet you soon.