Covid-19 Policies

Hi There!

Thank you for choosing Knead to Run Massage

I am excited to be back to practice and helping clients get back on track with their wellness routines. Before we do that, though, I ask that you carefully read my new Covid-19 office policies. 

I have created these policies to ensure as safe a massage environment as possible for EVERY client as part of my commitment to provide an elevated standard of care.


First order of business: MASKS


MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES - THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. If you prefer to not wear a mask, I prefer you do not book an appointment.

Clients may wear a homemade cloth mask provided it fits properly. This means that there are no gaps on the sides or above the nose or below the chin. If you do not have a properly fitted mask, I will be happy to provide you with a clean surgical mask. 

Temperature Checks - In order to comply with State mandates, I will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer. Any client who presents with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher must reschedule their session. 

SCHEDULING POLICY - **If you have traveled outside the sate, been in a group setting where social distancing and/or mask-wearing was not observed either indoors or outside, please wait 14 days to schedule your appointment. 

Sessions booked online must be reserved with a valid credit card

New clients or clients that have not had a massage at Knead to Run in the last 3 months must complete a health intake form which will be attached to your booking confirmation email. A separate COVID-19 form will be sent 24 hours prior to your appointment and must be completed for EVERY massage. If you do not complete the required forms, your session will have to be rescheduled. 


Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment and wait in your car. The waiting area is closed and the front door is locked, please call (603) 370-9193 upon arrival and I will meet you at the front door to ask the covid-prescreening questions, take your temperature and give you a mask if needed. 

We ask that you wash your hands upon entering the building and before entering the treatment room. 

Modified Cancellation Policy - I will cancel or reschedule your appointment without penalty if you present with a fever upon arrival, or if you develop symptoms of illness within 72 hours or up to the day of your appointment. Please call me immediately if you are feeling unwell to reschedule your appointment. 


In order to make this a safe and effective session for everyone, masks must be worn at all times. If you feel you cannot lie face down with your mask, we will continue the massage with side-lying techniques and your mask must remain on. 

I will wear gloves only if I have a cut on my hand or cuticles. If you feel more comfortable with me wearing gloves, please ask.

Since we know that Covid-19 is spread through droplets and aerosols, please limit conversation during the massage to questions or concerns about your session. 

TOUCHLESS PAYMENT/RESCHEDULING  POLICY- It is preferred that you pre-pay for your appointment upon booking, however, if you choose to pay at time of service, a credit or debit card is preferred.


Rebooking will be done in the treatment room prior to leaving the collective.  

POST SESSION FOLLOW UP POLICY- I will contact you a week after your appointment to see how you're feeling after your massage and check in on your overall health. Please call me if you develop symptoms of Covid-19 within 14 days of your appointment.

COVID-19 EXPOSURE ACTION POLICY - In the event I suspect I have been exposed to Covid-19, I will cancel all appointments and self-isolate until I can obtain testing and confirm a negative diagnosis. 

In the event a client calls to inform me they have tested positive within 14 days of their massage session, I will contact all clients from that time period and self isolate until I can obtain testing and confirm a negative diagnosis. 

In the event I test positive for Covid-19, I will inform all clients from the previous 14 days, immediately cancel all appointments and self isolate until I am cleared of infection.


*in case you want to know

Knead to Run is now located at 408 Lafayette Rd in Hampton, inside Seacoast Wellness Collaborative. While the Collaborative which is shared by several different wellness businesses throughout the day, I have my own dedicated treatment room that is not shared with others.

Time between appointments has been increased by 30 minutes (to a total of 1 hour) and I am limiting the number of daily appointments  


In addition to thoroughly cleaning all surfaces in the treatment room, a separate disinfection protocol using EPA registered disinfectants listed on List N for all surfaces that clients come in contact with inside the treatment room. Additionally, any high touch surfaces in the common areas and bathroom such as light switches, faucets,  and door handles will also be disinfected between my clients. 

A freshly cleaned and disinfected oil/lotion bottle will be used between each client.


Clean linens, including sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and a fresh apron will be kept in a jumbo ziplock bag for each new session. A mask, gloves and clean shirt will be worn while preparing laundry to go into a new bag. 

Used linens will be carefully put into a clean laundry bag and put in a lidded laundry basket for laundering. All laundry will be cleaned in hot water and dried fully before being put in a separate, clean, lidded tote to be folded and placed in a clean jumbo zip lock.


I will be following CDC Handwashing protocols including washing up to my elbows and scrubbing my nails with a nail brush before and after each session. My nails will remain trimmed and short as always.

I will wear an ENVO N95 respirator mask with a surgical mask over the top. I will wear a clean apron with each client or change my shirt in the event a clean apron is not available. A clean oil holster will be used for every client.