Reach your big picture running goals with a better recovery plan focused on injury treatment, injury prevention and increased mental wellbeing. 

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Hey there, I’m Sara

I help runners overcome the problems that are holding them back from reaching their big picture running goals through massage therapy and corrective exercise.

How Can I help?

If you’re here, it’s because you’re a runner with

  • A challenging goal (like your first half marathon, ultra, triathlon or qualifying for the Boston Marathon)

  • You have a chronic injury that isn’t going away

  • You've tried other therapies and you’re still in pain

  • You’re looking for professional guidance because you’re sick of the DIY method

  • You don’t have an injury and want to keep it that way

 Here’s what I know…...

You love to run because it helps you manage your mental and physical health, fosters a sense of community and pushes you in ways you never thought were possible. 


Sometimes, in the pursuit of the love of running, injuries happen and you don’t know why or what to do about it so you ask your running community only to become more confused with a million different suggestions and all you want is for the pain to go away.


You know a proper recovery plan that includes things like strength training, foam rolling, maybe a little stretching will help decrease your chances of injury, but you don’t do it regularly or maybe you don’t do it at all and this keeps you in a cycle of chasing pain.

"I'm an experienced marathon runner and I developed plantar fasciitis just as I was beginning my training for my first Boston Marathon. It was holding me back and I was worried that I would be undertrained for such an important race.  Sara was instrumental in helping me. She developed a treatment plan that included education about my injury and at home self-care that got rid of my pain."

Jason LaJeunesse

What’s the REAL problem?

The problem isn’t your injury.

The problem isn’t even that you’re not stretching (or foam rolling or strength training) enough, not really.

The problem is your goals and desires aren’t in alignment with your actions.


When what you want isn’t in alignment with the steps you’re taking to really get you there, you end up….. 

  • Frustrated when injury occurs and won’t go away

  • In panic mode when injury “pops up” weeks before your big event 

  • Anxious that this means you’ll have to quit running

  • Impatient with your recovery time


I know this because I’ve been treating runners for over 13 years and I am passionate about helping runners break the cycle, get out of pain, create sustainable recovery plans, and reach those big dream running goals.

I believe deeply that you can experience pain free running when you have someone who knows how to treat the injuries runners are prone to and how to help runners move their bodies better, more efficiently and I can’t wait to help you too.

“On top of the physical pain, the emotional toll of having a herniated disc that almost ended my running career was devastating. Not only is Sara a master with her hands, but she is also incredibly knowledgeable about the body and she is also a great resource for how to prevent further injury. She is always honest and truthful about the given injury while still offering hope that I could return to running. In Sara's office, I always feel safe, heard and calm.”

​I have had a huge stretch of pain-free and injury-free running thanks to working with Sara. 

There's a better way

It starts by creating a comprehensive plan that

Discovers your short term and long term goals to help keep you focused and accountable.

Resets your mindset to overcome the mental blocks that keep you from aligning your goals with your actions.

Assesses your soft tissue, posture, and biomechanics to identify the root cause(s) of your issue.

Formulates the right treatment that addresses the root cause through manual therapy and corrective exercise so you can break the cycle of chasing pain.


Moves you beyond pain to enjoy the benefits of massage for recovery and increased mental wellbeing

Empowers you to be a strong, self-confident, and accomplished runner so you can run without worrying about the possibility of injury.

"I am a newer runner so in addition to discovering a love of running, I was also learning a lot of "newbie" things along the way. I developed a pain in my butt, literally, that was so painful and made me anxious that there was something seriously wrong with my hip. Not only did Sara calm my fears, she knew exactly what the problem was and got rid of my pain fast!  

"Sara provides an invaluable skill that allows me to continue training with the comfort of knowing that injury prevention and treatment is possible. Her knowledge and skill in her techniques provide me with an experience that I consider to be the gold standard. Bottom line, she is the best."


Jennifer Dolloff

Still have questions?

Do I have to book a phone consultation? 

Yes. Honestly, I don’t even know if I’m the best person to help you yet. Your situation might be better suited for a different discipline (chiropractic, physical therapy, running coach) and the only way for me to know that is to talk with you about your unique situation. If I am not the best person to help you, I will let you know that. I will also give you a referral to someone who best fits your needs because I believe in doing what’s best for you, not my bottom line.

I'm just sore from running and could use a massage, can’t I just book an appointment?

That’s not how my services work. Most people are used to booking one appointment at a time with a massage therapist, usually because they want to feel good that day or they’ve been ignoring a small niggle for days or weeks that has become a bigger pain until they can’t ignore it anymore. In order to reach BHAGS (Big hairy audacious goals) and keep from chasing pain, it takes a different kind of approach. 


Wow! This sounds like exactly what I need, how much is the investment?

Services with me start at $1750+ with options for split payments. 


I'm nervous about making that kind of commitment, how do I know this is going to work?

You don’t. Because honestly, results are 100% dependent on your effort. This is why the initial phone call is the first step, to make sure your goals and desires are in line with the action you’re willing to take. I will guarantee this, if you do nothing, nothing changes.

So, the only question left is,
what are you waiting for?

Stop trying to figure it out on your own Let me create a recovery plan that addresses both your short term pain and long term goals. 

Let me help you solve the problems that are holding you back from reaching those running goals without all the guesswork and trial and error.

Have a question about something other than services?
Email me at sara@kneadtorunmassage.com
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