Knead to Run was created

because runners needed a better sports massage experience. So I created it.

I've been practicing massage for a long time (like 3 times the national average long) and as a student felt a natural draw to the more technical and anatomical side of massage. A few years ago I got fed up with all the confusion massage therapists were causing consumers when it came to sports massage.

Between not knowing how to get real, lasting results in treating sports injuries and continuing to tell clients BS myths like massage and water flushes toxins from your body (spoiler alert: that's not how it works) I knew things needed to change.

So I changed my generalist practice into a specialized one, focusing on runners.


Why runners?

Because after a decade of working with runners and other athletes, I saw that runners are great at prioritizing their runs, but they are not particularly good at prioritizing recovery self-care. This was costing them training time as well as causing them to sacrifice their goals and dreams due to injury and/or decreased performance.

But it wasn't their fault.

They just didn't understand the importance of injury prevention and recovery.  

So I've made it my personal mission to help runners understand and be better. 

If this sounds like you, I'm here to help!

I believe

In prioritizing your recovery with the same importance as your runs. 


So great things can happen.

I believe that prioritizing recovery is about more than just preventing injury. It allows you to be more present and engaged in all areas of your life, not just running. It says I'm worthy of care and attention. It says self-care is anything but selfish. 

But I don't believe you should start a recovery plan just because.

I believe in creating the right recovery plan. A plan that addresses the specific muscle imbalances that are causing you to hold tension that may decrease performance, helps you feel more comfortable in your own body, and decreases stress to help you have a better quality of life. 

I believe you're worth it. Let me help you prioritize your recovery.

So what exactly is sports massage? Here's a hint, it's probably not what you think. In this episode, host Sara Kotila, LMT talks about what is sports massage and why it's important for runners to choose wisely.

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What is sports massage

from the Knead to Run Podcast

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Meet Mariam

Mariam came to me when she sustained a hip injury from training for her first half marathon. I took Mariam from feeling nervous and out of control about her injury to confident and knowledgable in a short period of time.  

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