• Sara Kotila, LMT

No tipping here

When I was a server/bartender my favorite quote was:

"Tipping is not a city in China"

That's because as a server, I made the majority of my living on tips.

As a massage therapist, my views are a little different.

I believe that massage should be a regular part of your health and wellness routine, like good hygiene or regular dental check-ups.

Which is part of the reason we have an office wide NO TIPPING POLICY.

We would rather you use that money to invest in an extra session when you really need it (like getting over zealous shoveling out from our first New England snow storm of the season), but for those of you who really want to show their appreciation for a job well done, we are partial to cookies, chocolate and coffee (high test--death before decaf!).

Here are more idea on how you can recycle those dollar.

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