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Ring in the New Year with 3 words

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

About 3-4 years ago, I gave up making your traditional "new year's resolutions." You know the ones were you promise yourself you're going to eat better, loose the weight, stop procrastinating, give up chocolate and coffee...oh wait, just kidding about the chocolate and coffee part. I stopped making them because I wanted to stop being disappointed in myself for allowing my resolutions to fall by the wayside, being forgotten like the dust bunnies under my bed and so new years has just kind of become just another day. I was thumbing through my facebook feed when I came across a post from my colleagues at Massage Businss Blueprint about 3 words and how it has become their anti-new years resolution, and at the same time given them focus in both their personal and professional lives. What I love about this concept is that it challenges you to think beyond the short term and really focus on how you want to direct your energy in the coming year. It's not about making a specific goal, but more of a mantra on how you want to live your life. I am a big believer in being the architect of your own destiny. So, I started thinking. What would I want my 3 words to be? You only get 3 so, better make it good, I told myself. And here they are.

Education. Growth. Self-Care

Education- This is a big one for me because I love to learn, not just things about massage, although I am itiching to take some classes I've been promising myself to take. Also, different crafting techniques and DIY projects. It gives me a sense of accomplishment having gained knowledge I didn't have before. Being able to see my handy, or not so handy (remind me to tell you about the step stool I built in high school) work gives me a sense of pride. It stimulates my mind and gives me a renewed sense of purpose. Education is also a big part of the brand at SK Massage and my goal is to educate clients more on ways massage and body work can help them. Through more blog posts and articles on social media I hope to educate and inspire you all to be the best versions of yourself.

Growth- Be it personal or professional, growth is an essential part of life. As the quote suggests "If you're not growing, you're dying." and I find the challenges of growth to be extremely gratifying, although not always in the moment. Professionally, I love my cozy little space at 27 Front Street, as do many of you. However, I have bigger plans than a one room studio and would love for 2016 to be the year that I start making that dream a reality. I have had this vision in my head since the begining. I can see the end result and this year I am making a major push with my goals toward making that dream a reality. This will probably be my most challenging word since I want everything done yesterday and patience is a a virtue, just not one of mine. Growth will also teach me to have more patience, in theory. Personally, growth also means, what I like to refer to as "living my personal truth." This means saying YES to those things that excite, inspire and support me both mentally and physically and being brave enough to say NO to those things that do not excite, inspire or support me mentally or physically. Some times it's difficult, maybe even a bit scary, to stand your ground and say "I know you don't agree with my decision(s) and I'm ok with that." This year, I hope to get better at standing my ground a little more.

Self care- Ok, technically that's two words, two very important words. I want you to take a moment and let those words sink in. Self care, is not something we are inherently good at most of the time. We allow things to get in the way, then seek self care when we are too bogged down to carry another thing on our already overloaded plates, I'm no different. I tell clients day in an day out about the need for self care, but I have to admit that I don't always follow that same advice. Self care is a practice and sometimes it doesn't always go as planned. No matter what steps you take toward a goal, you're always much closer than before you took the first step.

What will your 3 words for 2016 be? They can be anything you want. They can be complex or simple, they're your words. Here are just a few guidelines:

How to choose your 3 words

  • Instead of thinking about what you won't do, think about what you will do.

  • Make each word separate and aviod using a 3 word phrase. It wastes words that could be helping you focus elsewhere

  • Attach your business or personal values to the words. It will help guide your actions throughout your decision making this year.

I invite you to post a picture of your 3 words on facebook or instagram using the hashtag #3words2016 #KTRMassage. I also invite you to share this post with your friends, family, co-workers or anyone who is looking to do new years resolutions a little differently than they have in years before.

Here's to a year of education, growth, self care or what ever your 3 words are!

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