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3 Words for 2023

I’ve been participating, off and on, in the 3 words exercise since 2016. Originally created by author and marketer Chris Brogan, I was introduced to it by my colleagues Michael Reynolds and Allissa Haines of the Massage Business Blueprint. Choosing 3 words in lieu of a new year’s resolution to be guiding principles in decision-making and thought processing works better with my ADHD brain and makes me feel less guilty for having abandoned some arbitrary and impossibly high standard of a new year’s resolution by February 1st. I also take this time to reflect on how I did the year before, what lessons I learned, and how I felt about my progress.

How Did I Do in 2022?

My 3 words for 2022 were: Persistence, Prioritize and Play. I didn’t prioritize or play nearly enough in 2022, but I was definitely persistent. I’m not going to beat myself up too much about it since 2022 had so many ups and downs that I honestly forgot what my 3 words were until I looked them up. I am determined to be more persistent in prioritizing my three words in 2023.

My 3 Words for 2023

Pause: One of the many challenges I face with ADHD is poor impulse control when it comes to decision-making. I know that I will always struggle with making impulsive decisions, but I hope that being more mindful and intentional by taking a beat will help me make smarter decisions in the year to come.

Connect: One of the many downsides of the pandemic for me is that I lost connection with many of my friends and colleagues. I enjoy being a solitary person for the most part, but I felt an instant disconnect from my community and the connections I had spent years building. This skill is more than a bit rusty, so I look forward to finding ways to reconnect with others in ways that are genuine and meaningful.

Create: I made many of the gifts I gave to family and friends this year, and I forgot how much I enjoy creating and crafting. I also find it very therapeutic. One of the advantages of ADHD is that I have an almost unending stream of creativity….follow through is an entirely different subject. But I don’t want to create for the sake of creating. I want to create to produce more meaningful things in my life.

I want to keep my 3 words top of mind, so I created a copy of the graphic from this blog post as wallpaper for my phone. I also printed a copy for my bulletin board in my home office. I love sharing this exercise with others so tell me, what are your 3 words?

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