Knead to Run Race Series

For serious runners only
You run because it makes your body and mind feel good. Massage makes your body and mind feel great. When you feel great, you run better. Our Knead to Run signature training series are perfect for reaching your next level running goals. These sessions follow very specific intervals to achieve optimal results. ‚Äč
The Starting Line - New to massage as part of your race regular training routine? Let us help you ease into it with this series of 3-60 minute bi-weekly sessions designed to get you off on the right foot.
The PR - Got goals? Let us help you reach them.This series of 3-90 minute sessions (2 pre race 1 post race) is specifically designed to help you reach your PR. This series is perfect for the runner who needs help reaching that next level goal.
Going the Distance - Training for a longer distance race? Then this series of has your name written all over it. 10-60 minute massages spaced out every 2 weeks, is perfect for those who are training for a marathon or triathlon. 
The Sidelines - Injury got you down? This series of 6-60 minute weekly massages is the perfect remedy to get you back out on the road as quickly as possible and with little to no downtime.