3 Words 2017

January 1, 2017

Last year my friends at Massage Business Blueprint introduced me to the 3 words exercise.  It changed the way I thought about new year's resolutions and also helped me gain a bit of clarity and focus for the coming year.  I love this exercise because the three words are sort of like a mantra that stays in the back of my mind and guides me through my year. There's no pressure to set and/or hit a specific goal in a measured amount of time.

3 Words for 2016  Education . Growth . Self-care


My 3 words for 2017.....


Focus - I will focus on using the tools I have and completing projects I start.  I will learn the ins and outs of my current software programs and marketing tools I am already using.  I will focus on the relationships and interactions that are important to me. I will filter out the rest.


Purge - I will purge unwanted and unnecessary things from my life. I will let go of excess stuff hanging around my house. I will sell or donate things that no longer serve a purpose. I will not bring stuff into my home or office that absolutely doesn't need to be there. I will sort through the mountains of paperwork in my filing cabinet. I will make the most of 450 sq feet of living space.


Vacation - I will take a vacation this year.  I will go somewhere that isn't my house, for more than one or two days at a time. I will kick back, read a book, and relax (preferably by a pool in 80 degree weather) I will play tourist and recharge my batteries. I will leave my work at home. I have not had a vacation in almost 3 years and find that going that long without some downtime creates burnout.


How will you live out your year?  What are your 3 words? I invite you to SHARE your words on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #KTRMassage #3words2017



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