Treatment of nagging injury + prevention of future injuries + stress management = solutions that help you move better, reach your goals and chase bigger ones.

The goal is simple: Treat and prevent injuries, as well as improve the mental wellbeing of runners. It's accomplished by, what I call the Knead to Run core values of being--passion, honesty, professionalism, empowerment and education.  It's how I serve you best and how I want you to think of Knead to Run on and off the table. If this sounds like your jam, take a look around and see how I might be able to help you. 

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Want to be a better runner? It starts with better recovery. Recovery is an integral part of your training routine (even when you aren't training) and the basis for overall wellness. This is a key step in the journey to being the runner you know you are. 



Do you want to move better? Run better? Worry less about a stubborn injury? Custom corrective exercise & recovery program for those serious about moving beyond chasing pain. In this program I identify the root cause with assessment tests, create a customized corrective exercise and therapeutic recovery plan and help you execute that plan with 1:1 guidance and support.  You'll move better, get rid of your pain and have the confidence to reach the goals you've always dreamed of.

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Thanks to the wonders of the internet, working together doesn't need to be limited to office visits. Get guidance on a program you've already created or work 1:1 to create a new program. Virtual services are for perfect for working at a distance.  

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