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Whether it's for mental or physical health, a sense of community, to achieve personal goals or any other reason. Why you run is a personal one. But every runner has one thing in common, 

you don't have time for a running injury.

You have all the right gear, several pairs of running shoes, your Garmin watch and you regularly check Strava to see what your running friends are up to.
You work hard to fit running into your life, wake up an extra hour early, stay up late to get in those miles, you run in snow, rain and extreme summer heat. Why? Because you LOVE to run.
You follow your training plan, you stretch, a little foam rolling and maybe even some strength training. Everything is smooth sailing--at first.
You've been so busy following your plan, tracking your miles doing all the right things so you don't get injured. All of a sudden you get a minor muscle ache, no big deal you think. 
Maybe you take a couple of day off of running and it feels better.
Maybe you ignore it hoping it will just go away.
But it doesn't.
Now what?!
Running injuries are painful, frustrating, even nerve-racking. You need someone who understands runner's anatomy, how you move your body, and what injuries runners are prone to. I've spent over a decade working with runners, treating running injuries and creating ways to get you back to pain free running as quickly as possible. 
"Sara provides an invaluable skill that allows me to continue training with the comfort of knowing that injury prevention and treatment is possible. Her knowledge and skill in her techniques provide me with an experience that I consider to be the gold standard. Bottom line, she is the best."

I am a newer runner so in addition to discovering a love of running, I was also learning a lot of "newbie" things along the way.

I developed a pain in my butt, literally, that was so painful and made me anxious that there was something seriously wrong with my hip. 

Not only did Sara calm my fears, she knew exactly what the problem was and got rid of my pain fast!  

I continue to see Sara for maintenance to make sure my body stays healthy for miles.

Jennifer Dolloff, Exeter Run Club

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Not all massage is created equal

Maybe you've thought about getting a massage but you're unsure because you've never had a massage before. Maybe you've been looking for a new therapist, but don't know who offers what you need. Maybe you've tried massage therapy before and you didn't get the results you were looking for and you're skeptical that this time it's gonna be different.
At Knead to Run, sports massage is our only focus. It's what we do and it's all we do. We know how to help you overcome that injury that derails your race training. We know how to help calm your anxious runner's mind when the negative self-talk creeps in. And we know how to help you reach your goals.
Let's reach your running goals together!
"I'm an experienced marathon runner and I developed plantar fasciitis just as I was beginning my training  for my first Boston Marathon. 
It was holding me back and I was worried that I would be undertrained for such an important race.  
Sara was instrumental in helping me. She developed a treatment plan that included education about my injury and at home self-care that got rid of my pain."
Jason LaJeunesse
"I have recommended Sara to every running friend I know and they continually feel the benefits and relief of her work."
On top of the physical pain, the emotional toll of having a herniated disc that almost ended my running career was devastating
Not only is Sara a master with her hands, but she is also incredibly knowledgeable about the body and she is also a great resource for how to prevent further injury.
She is always honest and truthful about the given injury while still offering hope that I could return to running. In Sara's office I always feel safe, heard and calm
I have had a huge stretch of pain free and injury free running thanks to working with Sara. 
Julie Benson
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