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Are you looking for a place to treat your current injuries, prevent future injuries and help manage the stress and anxiety of training?

You've found it. 

Welcome to Knead to Run

(P.S. you don't have to be a runner to work with me)


I'm Sara

Expert bodyworker and corrective exercise specialist for runners.


I'm also a coffee addict, lover of all things chocolate and the owner of Knead to Run Massage. 

I know how to move you past your pain. 

Hey there, Nice to meet you!

If you’re here, it’s because you’re a runner with

  • A challenging goal (like your first half marathon, ultra, triathlon or qualifying for the Boston Marathon)

  • You have a chronic injury that isn’t going away

  • You've tried other therapies and you’re still in pain

  • You’re looking for professional guidance because you’re sick of the DIY method

  • You don’t have an injury and want to keep it that way

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“I have been seeing Sara on a regular basis for ten years.  When I turned 40 I added massage therapy as part of a holistic change I made to support my running.  She aggressively treats the obvious niggles and proactively addresses any concerns  that arise during the massage.  My monthly massage with Sara is crucial to my ongoing success on the road.” 

- Adam C.


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Phone: (603) 370-9193

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